Offered Services

Mechanical Design (DFx)

Manufacturing Systems Development

Technical Roadmapping

Supply Chain Strategy

Technical Team Building

Corporate Process Development

Technical Pitch Development

Technical Budgeting (BOM, Contingency Planning..etc.)


"My experience working with Sera was exceptional; every conversation we had was powerful and intellectually enriching. Sera is very creative, and uniquely talented. She has experienced first-hand what it takes to build a Unicorn, and deeply understands the importance of team dynamics, fundraising, product development, and technology innovation. She is the north star every founder should follow."

Oscar Neyra-Nazarrett

CEO of LISUS Energy

"I can wholeheartedly attest to her exceptional expertise and dedication to hardware technologies that spans technical know-how, engineering prowess, project management , product development all seamlessly integrated with strategic planning. Sera possesses the remarkable ability to quickly grasp your situation and engage in collaborative brainstorming."

Mary Nyaruai 

Founder and CEO of NYUNGU Afrika

"Sera advised us on our product roadmap, materials, manufacturing, testing and many other topics. Sera was one of the few mentors with hands on experience on hardware products and companies. Having someone that can give a different viewpoint or challenge your assumptions can greatly benefit the decision making. With every talk we learned something and we clearly see the developments over this short time. Sera's willingness to help, share and build is genuine and contagious. Grateful for your support!"

Filipe Reina Fernandes

CEO of Windcredible

"Sera's mentoring style is tailored, concise, genuine, tangible, thoughtful, and fun. When she shares her time and expertise with you, you get high impact, valuable knowledge from her extensive experience in her field. Sera quickly understands where you're at and then dives in to brainstorm along with you. She has strong technical, engineering, and processes management skills that she can weave together beautifully with strategic planning. Working with her over a period of months, she made our technical meetings an absolutely pleasure (we really looked forward to every single call) while producing quality outcomes. I very highly recommend working with Sera when you've got technical, process, and/ or production related hurdles to overcome."

Lori Goff

CEO & Founder of Outlander Materials

"Sera is a very professional and dedicated person to hardware technologies and her mentoring sessions helped me to build a clear tech strategy for my startup."

Polina Vasilenko

CEO & Co-Founder of HelioRec

"Sera's mentorship has been a crucial step in my development as an engineering leader. Her technical skills are sharp and offers a perspective of the company that is unique and enlightening. With her background, Sera can jump into any engineering challenge to help us understand the root issues and build a path towards a solution. For leadership skills, Sera offered helpful and relatable perspectives into project management, personal development, and external relationships. Her mentorship refined my understanding of leadership and helps me improve the technical core of the company."

Cameron Dye

Co-founder & VP of Engineering at Tozuda