Consulting and Advising for Hardware Startups

Mechanical Design (DFx)

Manufacturing Systems Development

Technical Roadmapping

Supply Chain Strategy

Technical Team Building

Corporate Process Development

Technical Pitch Development

Technical Budgeting (BOM, Contingency Planning..etc.)

"Pratik" means practical in Turkish and the the backdrop on the logo resembles a river in a valley. I want to ensure that start-ups do not end up in the "valley of death". This term is coined by many in the entrepreneurship world; the valley of death is when a start-up raises money pre-revenue and does not have a systematic plan to execute and scale up. Scopes/costs creep while expected progress isn't made and most of the companies are left with unfinished prototypes or unmet customer demand; which results in them running out of runway prematurely. 

With Pratik Development, I want to be a bridge to avoid the valley and that is why the name spans to both sides of the river in the logo. I intend to provide my clients practical solutions to complex, hardware driven problems.

About Me

About me

Hello, My name is Sera Evcimen and I am the Founder, Principal Consultant of Pratik Development LLC aka "Pratik". My background is in mechanical engineering and since then I have had the pleasure of working in multiple start-ups as an engineer, builder and leader. 

I've worked at a machine shop, built satellites in a cleanroom, worked to reduce unit prices with contract manufacturers, sourced and inspected a variety of raw materials from the US, Europe and China, designed, sourced and commissioned the entire manufacturing line for the cable magnets that will go into a fusion reactor and undertook many more incredibly fun, challenging and complex adventures in the hardware space.

My passion now is to help the next generation of technical entrepreneurs mindfully scope out their product, develop the correct form/fit/function, build a stellar execution oriented team, set up their supply chain, set up their manufacturing to scale up